With many years of experience, our professionals have the electric and customer service skills to best serve your repair and installation needs. Our company offers flat rate pricing to our clients, so that they know the complete cost of any project before it starts. The price will not change halfway through your project for what you were quoted for. While we offer a full line of any electrical services you may need for your home, we specialize in lighting layout, design and installation. We can transform a dark and shadowed space into something that is more appeasing and functional. We offer this design service free of charge for your initial consultation.

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Our electricians can provide for all of your commercial and residential electrical needs. We are professionally licensed and fully insured. Our electricians have over twenty years of experience in the industry. As such, we have the knowledge, skills, and expertise to achieve all of your electricity goals and to fulfill all of your needs.

Call us today if you need to hire a professional electrician in Montgomery, Chester or Delaware County. Our courteous, polite, and knowledgeable staff would be happy to assist you in any way that we can. We will be happy to explain the many benefits of all of our services in greater detail.

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Professional Electrician or Handyman?

When you have an electrical problem, do you call a professional electrician or a handyman? How do you think of a professional vs. a nonprofessional works out? A nonprofessional may perform work that is not up to code. A nonprofessional might tap one wire to another without using junction boxes. A nonprofessional may perform illegal work by not following National Electric Code. A licensed electrical contractor will only perform work that is guided by the N.E.C.

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In order to protect your family from electricity related hazards, it is important that you hire the services of an experienced Pennsylvania electrical contractor to ensure that all your home wiring is safely installed.

What is an Electrical Contractor

The term electrical contractor refers to a firm or a business person who performs specialized construction work which is related to the design, installation, and maintenance of electrical systems. Electrical contractors function as project managers or coordinators, ensuring compliance with all regulations dealing with the electrical systems.

A PA licensed electrical contractor who has dealt with a lot of problems in the past can find and identify a problem quickly. One time a painter was refinishing the floors for a homeowner and his equipment would not work. He told the homeowner that the problem was in a receptacle in the floor. The problem was not with that receptacle. It was the painter that was using old equipment while he plugged into a circuit that he overloaded. They were using faulty extension cords and faulty equipment which lead to tripping the breaker.

To begin, there is the person who dabbles in the field. Although this person may seem knowledgeable in the trade, if he has not completed the correct course work and testing, he is not certified or legal in any sense. He may do small jobs as a part of a handyman business or he may be an avid do-it-yourselfer. He also may be remarkably skilled, but he is not licensed.

An electrical contractor must guarantee his work. A handyman may not be a professional and he may not guarantee his work. A handyman will perform a little carpentry work, a little air conditioner work, or maybe a little plumbing. But he should not perform your home improvement job if it requires re-wiring or new wiring. If you have a problem, can they fix the problem that exists or just patch it?

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If a handyman is called out to perform a simple job like change a receptacle, does he know what the codes are? Does he know if that receptacle was originally installed correctly? A handyman does not know what the codes are for the box fill or any codes for installing a new fixture. For instance, do you know if a handyman can install a fan on any box in your home? The answer is no. The box must be capable of handling 50 pounds of weight. Can your handyman hang a fixture anywhere? No, he can not.

An electrical contractor must follow code so it may not hurt anyone that is in that house. A handyman so it may not hurt anyone that is in that house. A handyman does not know what the codes are. A licensed professional will perform and guarantee his work. He is a person that you can go back to if you have a problem. He can warranty the items that he repairs as well as repair them much better than a handyman.

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Apprentice Electricians - How to Recruit and Employ an Electrical Trainee

Landscape lighting systems can be divided into two main categories: Regular and Low Voltage. The regular voltage systems run on your homes 120v power and need to be hooked into your system like the other electrical fixtures. Low Voltage landscape lighting systems run off of a transformer that can be plugged into a regular outdoor receptacle. The transformer lowers the electrical output and then feeds the correct voltage to the lights that are hooked to the system.

Here are the main differences between 120v and 12v (low voltage) outdoor lighting systems:


12v transformers can be plugged into any of your existing outdoor receptacles; in most cases there is no need for an electrical contractor. 120v systems must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor and may require a permit.

12v systems are fairly easy to install (the cable only needs to be hidden and located out of harms way from digging, etc.) and give more flexibility for making changes later on. 120v.

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Safety Precautions of a Good Licensed Electrician

One of the key to proper electrical wiring installation is the use of correct letters and colors of electrical wires. These specifications of electrical wires need to be followed accurately in order for the electrical appliance, unit or system to function safely and efficiently.

The different colors of electrical cables will tell the purpose of the wires. Those in black are at all times utilized as hot wires. They are frequently used for switch legs and may be fed to an outlet or switch. These wiring must never be used in ground or neutral connections.

Red wires are used like black ones. They are utilized as hot wires or switch legs such as that in ceiling fans. Electrical installations of circuits that run on 220 volt power, reds serve as second hot-wires. Wires in red color are also applied as the wire that interconnects hardwired detectors for smoke.

Other colors utilized as hot wires are yellow and blue colored. They are frequently heaved in conduits. Switches with 3 or 4 way.

Electrical Installation - Should You Do It Yourself?

Finding an apprentice electrician to add to your workforce is not so difficult but there are some key factors to be considered such as recruiting the right trainee for the job and knowing your responsibilities as an employer.

An apprentice or trainee electrician can be a real asset to any electrical business. In a small company an extra pair of hands is always useful and given the right training and guidance an apprentice can help to make your business more productive. Most electrical contractors who employ apprentices find that it is a good way to increase their workforce whilst keeping financial overheads low and statistics show that customers also tend to favor companies which use apprentices. For larger companies apprenticeship schemes are seen as an investment with lasting rewards. They are a cost effective way to train new staff and provide the skilled workers that they need for future development.

There are no shortage of apprentice electricians and electrician's mates looking.

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Anatomy of a Circuit Breaker Box

Not a lot of people know about the difference between an electrician and an electrical contractor. While they are working in similar industries, they have varying roles. Most of the time, electrical contractors are companies or business negotiators who provide electrical services. In these cases, they are responsible for hiring electricians to do the job. They are in charge for any task that requires construction with regard to certain designs, as well as the maintenance of different systems.

In Europe and the Americas, this industry reaps a lot of profit and they are provided licenses and insurances, which allows them to run their business in operation for a certain period of time. Acquiring such, they must able to secure their clients from the liabilities of the insurance. The requirements vary depending on the locality or state where they are working.

There are three major categories of working electrical contractors. There are those who are in charge of high power transmissions.

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Why You Should Choose Energy Efficient Lighting Fixtures and Appliances

Are you in search of that career that can take the force of the recession without you feeling the crunch in your cash? If you are one of those who do not really have a definite job in mind - anything will do, so long as it pays the bills, gives me cash to run around and plenty of time on my hands - then you might want to consider being an electrician. If you are not one of those who shy from wires, live or not, and you have a flair for making things work, then you could really do well in this field. You should consider going to an electrician trade school to become an electrician.

If you are like me, then you are really worried about the recent global economics crisis and the implication on your pocket pay. If you are like most people around the world, you probably are bothered about the outcome of the crisis and despite that, you still want a job that holds you together. You are probably in search of a job that will not go obsolete and will always have you getting more and more.

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Electrical Generator - How to Make an Electrical Generator

There is an old tradesman's story that is well known but bears repeating. The electrical installations partially fail in a man's house and the washing machine stops. He opens the door thinking the cycle has finished and floods the kitchen. Water pours everywhere.

Our chap doesn't know much about physics but he knows water and electricity are a tricky combination. He checks fuses and basic stuff but cannot solve the problem. In desperation he calls out an electrical contractor.

The electrician duly arrives and works his magic. He tests here, strips out there and soon sources the problem. In no time at all the electrical power is safely restored.

The householder is delighted ... until he sees the bill. "What!" he exclaims, "£97.50 for a strip of wire?"

"Oh no" the electrician replies, "The strip of wire was £7.50. It's £90 for knowing which strip of wire"

Electrical Safety

As the Electrical Safety Council says, "It's easy to make an electrical circuit work... It's far harder to make the.

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